Superior Temperature Control

Superior Temperature Control

In pressurised operation, two gauges ensure that the internal pressure is always approx. 1 bar over the steam pressure curve.

Because of the smaller heat exchanger there is less circulating water. As a result, the preheating time and the cool down period have been reduced.

Superior TEMPRO plus C Series with the PLUS for Perfect Quality

Optimum visibility and operation of the TEMPRO plus C Set point

Set Point
The actual value and set point are displayed simultaneously.

Visual temperature control
The mold symbol color indicates if the temperature is in the tolerance band (green: within tolerance; red: too hot; blue: too cold).

Additional information on the display
The operator can choose an additional value to be displayed on the screen (pressure, flow).

Easy operation with the TEMPRO plus C
Menus to adjust values and to choose operating modes can be selected with the yellow buttons.

Quick selection
Operating modes that are used frequently can be selected using the F1 or F4 buttons without entering a menu.

Standard equipment for the TEMPRO plus C series

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