TM Series - Toggle injection molding machines from 180 to 500 t

Toggle injection molding machines from 180 to 500 tToggle injection molding machines from 180 to 500 t

The TM Series - with approved precision to business success

The compact power packages in a great machine series in 3 - platen technology with a 5-point toggle system. Newly designed in the 180 to 500 t clamping force range, TM-models stand for ultimate performance, short footprint, simple operation and maintenance, energy savings and cost-effi ciency. Proven features have been retained, with a number of benefi cial new features added. The high-performance control system offers numerous process monitoring and documentation facilities. With the help of an extensive options package, the TM is suitable for a variety of applications. Put the TM to the test and see for yourself!

A concept for improved parts quality

Ultimate precision and repeatability

New injection units for more flexibility

High-Performance plasticizing systems

Plasticizing systems for injection molding machines must fulfill many different requirements. By applying a universal L/D ratio of 22:1 to the three screw sizes available for each injection unit, the processing window has been optimized to meet rising quality standards.