Micropower 5 - 10t - Micropower range of Injection Moulding Machines

The fully electric Microsystem is Battenfeld's innovative answer to the growing requirements for the production of precision micro-components made of plastic. This production cell has been conceived specially for the smallest of components in the one-digit milligram range. Through our experience over many years in this field, a complete modular concept has been developed which enables far-reaching possibilities for injection molding, handling, testing, product documentation and packaging, all this under clean-room conditions. Micro-form parts with high precision, low energy consumption, significant weight reduction, cost optimisation and extremely fast cycling are the strengths of the Microsystem. The Battenfeld Microsystem and the customer-specific system solutions offer secure and straightforward access to the growing market of microtechnology.

Injection Technology

With the combination of fast servo drives and mechanics the Microsystem guarantees extremely short cycle times with a drying cycle of around 1.5 secs. The system supports processing with minimum melt cushion, in addition the injection of unplasticised particles is prevented by thermally homogeneous processing of minimal injection volumes with the highest reproducibility and process control. Different from traditional standard injection molding aggregates with screw injection, the injection module of the Microsystem is built up in three stages. This design was developed specially for the highly precise processing of the minimum injection molding volume with highest reproducibility and process security.

The most important features of the injection module: plasticising by means of 14-mm extruder screws which enable homogenous preparation of the raw material with the lowest degradation. On the basis of the universal screw geometry, all common standard granulate sizes can be processed. For special applications a special screw geometry is available. Highly precise dynamic head pressure-controlled predosing with a precision of 0.001cm3 by means of servo drive and 5-mm pistons enables the highest reproducibility precision. Piston injection by means of 5-mm pistons and maximum injection speed of 760 mm/sec. up to the split line guarantees short flow paths with the lowest loss of pressure and an extremely precise injection process. The deceleration volume at 250 mm/sec. therefore amounts only 0,002cm3. In particular in reference to the flow parh relationships and molding precision this gives the most decisive advantages.


The smallest components in microtechnology are scarcely visible with the naked eye, however their significance in telecommunications, the watch industry, medical application, the automotive and chemicals industries is increasing dramatically. The market demand for smaller and smaller components made of plastic has developed a completely new area of technology with the continuous miniaturisation of products - the Microsystem technology. Battenfeld, as your experienced partner, is constantly demonstrating new innovative solutions using the Microsystem.

Customer Benefits of the Microsystem

Optional extension modules

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