MacroPower - MacroPower Series - The new benchmark for large machines

MacroPower Series - The new benchmark for large machinesMacroPower Series - The new benchmark for large machinesMacroPower Series - The new benchmark for large machinesMacroPower Series - The new benchmark for large machines

The new, powerful large machine model of the PowerSeries with clamping forces ranging from 800 to 1000 t. The promise: compact, modular, precise. Newly developed in the 800 to 1000 t clamping force range, the MacroPower stands for ultimate precision, shortest footprint, high speed and modularity. With a comprehensive package of options and configuration variants, the MacroPower lends itself to a great variety of applications. The new MacroPower shows true greatness.

Linear guides

Thanks to moving platen support via precise, smoothrunning linear guides, no adjustments are necessary for heavy molds and highly sensitive mold protection is ensured. Lubrication expense is minimized.

Clamping System

Diagonally positioned high-speed traveling cylinders and 4 pressure boxes on the fixed platen provide quick, even clamping force build-up. High rigidity and stability is achieved by short tie bars and FEM-optimized platen design.

Locking system

Locking of the tie bars is integrated in the moving platen. Short tie bars and synchronous activation foster short locking times. Opening of the locking system takes place during cooling time.

Constant L/D ratio

22:1 and 2,000 bar injection pressure with medium screw diameter optimize melt homogeneity. High plasticizing performance is reached through a direct screw drive via hydro motors, or servo motors as an option.

Flexible safety gate

At the rear, the top side of the safety guard has been lowered to the upper edge of the tie bar to facilitate parts removal by a robot.

Energy-efficient DFEE drive

The flexible drive concept, based on electrically adjustable DFEE delivery pumps, enables dynamic movements and short cycle times. Parallel movements and higher injection performance can easily be achieved with an optional twin pump system.


Optimal use of speed-controlled fixed displacement pumps with servo motors promotes extremely energy-efficient operation .

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